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Originally from Morin-Heights in the Laurentides, Ryan Kennedy has been passionate about music since his early childhood. In addition to being an accomplished singer-songwriter, waltzing with indie and folk sounds, the artist has a passion for aviation.

Ryan Kennedy’s career notably took off when Quebec and Canadian audiences discovered him on the boards of La Voix in 2015, before he was invited to participate in The Voice France in 2018.

So far, Ryan Kennedy has two original albums to his credit, Love Is Gold (2017) and Home Fires (2015). Among his many radio singles, the singer has particularly stood out thanks to his single Honest Song; a track that received the award for the most popular francophone song in Quebec at the 2018 SOCAN Gala. This one was also ranked among the five most played songs on Quebec radios between 2016 and 2017.

While planning his third album, the singer-songwriter surprised his audience in 2018 with the original song Dear Christmas, which garnered excellent reviews from the general public and the media. The folk and melancholic track, offered in both English and French, garnered over 400,000 streams on digital platforms. The song was particularly reflective of Ryan Kennedy’s state of mind towards Christmas: a bittersweet feeling, reflected by the man who has, over time, tamed the loneliness of the holiday season and said he is charmed by the enchantment surrounding this time of the year.

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The talented artist usually exposes his world under different facets, navigating between the storms he’s been through, his brighter present and the promising future that lies ahead of him, and this in the language of Shakespeare as well as that of Molière. On stage as well as on record, across Canada and Europe, this true showman plunges us into his spellbinding universe with his unique voice and his catchy compositions.